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Sex Offender Registration – The Ins and Outs
Law Office of Kristine Koo

People who are convicted of certain sex crimes will have to register as a sex offender in California (Penal Code 290).  Registering as a sex offender negatively impacts one’s life.  Being a sex registrant effects one’s residency, restricts one’s employment, one can lose child custody, and there can be prejudice. Prior to 2021, no matter…

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Law Office of Kristine Koo

Identity as a victim of sexual violence is hard.  But, internalizing as a victim of sexual violence and then being accused of sexual violence can be even harder.  If you are accused/charged for a sex crime, and experienced childhood trauma/have a mental illness as listed below, AB 124 may be beneficial when negotiating a plea…

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Kristine was my lawyer for an unexpected and ugly divorce and custody battle last year. Kristine was professional, taking the time to get to know me. She constantly kept me informed of upcoming hearings and...


If i could give Kristine 10 Stars i definitely would , i hired Kristine after i got my 1st DUI back in November of 2021 and not only did she managed to guide me through the entire process but also made it...

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Very professional, she helped me clean my record very fast and gave a fair price in these difficult times.... so grateful for lawyers like Kristine


I highly recommend Kristine. Kristine not only referred me to one of the best family law attorneys, she also worked to contact the DA and make sure the felony domestic violence charges were dropped prior to my...


Kristine Koo represented me on a second DUI offense. I took this case to trial and plead not guilty. Ms. Koo was able to get my case dismissed! This has been the most nerve-wracking experience in my entire life...


I worked with Kristine on a very stressful Family Law case. She took the time to fully understand my situation and needs and touched base regularly with me on next steps while addressing my concerns and...